Jacques Bowyer, Outreach Coordinator

Position Title
Assistant Director

2300 Student Community Center

As the director of the Guardian Professions Program (GPP), Jacques Bowyer is responsible for coordinating programmatic activities and advising former foster youth that aspires to complete a doctoral degree. As part of the program, Jacques recruits students and connects them to scholarships, something not always afforded to participants.

Jacques states that he does this work because he feels that every student deserves a chance to go as far as they can academically and for the opportunity to transform the lives of this incredible population. 

He earned his bachelorette in Family and Consumer Resources from the University of Arizona, and his Master of Science in Educational Counseling from Sacramento State University.

If you are a current or former foster youth interested in pursuing graduate studies at UC Davis: we are here to help you. UC Davis Graduate Studies offers a range of resources, including REU opportunities and campus visits through our Envision Program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.